Sno-Go Ski Bike Website

If a snow bike carves up a mountain and no one sees it, does the bike leave a trail?

It’s a valid question—or, at least, it’s a good conversation starter. Is the trail just an illusion of the senses? Is the carving of trails a physical process that occurs independently of one’s perception? Is any of this even worth considering?

Well, yes—if you are trying to sell snow bikes, these are critical questions. Meet Sno-Go, the parent company of our proverbial snow bike. A self-starter company based out of Utah, Sno-Go has considered these very questions.



Sno-Go decided to get answers, and enlisted Dual Pixel Creative Intelligence Agency. Dual Pixel resolved all questions by bringing an audience to behold Sno-Go’s product. As a result, the company’s snow bike recently received $72,339 in crowd funding on indiegogo—nearly 250% of the project’s $30,000 goal.

Consider that the Dual Pixel Difference.

Dual Pixel assisted Sno-Go through each step of the marketing process. Designers crafted a website perfect for powder lovers and powerful leads—(add link, remove parenthesis). Featuring a strong, simple design and exciting content, the site collected a large number of email signups and built interest in Sno-Go’s product. Not stopping there, Dual Pixel developed several Facebook ads. These ads generated thousands of “Likes” for Sno-Go’s Facebook page and built a strong social media presence.

Through these ads, Dual Pixel brought Sno-Go to the eyes of many adventurous Utahns, generating many hits on Sno-Go’s website.

Finally, Dual Pixel launched Sno-Go’s email marketing. These emails sustained the interest gained by the website and Facebook ads, and secured much of the product’s funding. The emails engaged funders and established a community for the product. The cool design and warm tone of the emails communicated that Sno-Go perfectly combines fierce freshness and old-fashioned friendliness.  This balance built a brand capable of crushing goals and shredding slopes.

In the end, there is just one question to consider—“Why question at all?” Dual Pixel navigates the slippery slopes of marketing, so you don’t have to wonder if your product is getting out there. Get Dual Pixel. Get answers